Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Update of Sorts 2 

Well as you should know, I was sick this time last week but be happy to note that I'm fine now, just the normal effects of a cold still bugging but life goes on. Have started work again for the year and so far so good, quite easy work so far and thinking back to the last week of work last year, its a welcome relief. Have the next 2 days off before working so I'll rest up some more and bum around home.

Last Wednesday went into the city, to go book shopping (I like to read OK). Now I had a lit of books I wanted to get, but ended up with one of them, though this book I figured would be the hardest to get as it was published in 1994 and hasn't been on sale at Bookstores since about 96. Now I like to read, but I only read sport books (history and the like mainly) so I got a book a few months back called "Time of Our Lives" which was the story behind the Sydney Olympics. Great read, basically it first hand account of the bid, the build up to the game and the games themselves. The book was also a follow to the writer Harry Gordon's book "Australia and the Olympic Games" and thats what I was after, so to get it I was happy, and it was a very good read.

Well footy season starts in less than 2 weeks so the waiting is nearly over.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Still Sick 

Well I am. This is just the best way to end the holiday, sick in bed. grrrrr
Hopefully I can improve overnight so I can spend tomorrow out of the house.

Update of sorts 

Well as I lay here on my sickbed I decided to get up, turn on the computer and update this thing.

The last week has been interesting to say the least. Of course the week start with the sad news of the passing of David Hookes, no doubt most of you will have read about it or at least heard something about it, so I won't go into details except to say that this should NEVER of happened. Anyway on Tuesday I got up real early (6am, but hay your talking to someone who never rises before midday of late so....) to make my way into the Australian Open. I had booked my tickets a week earlier so when I checked the weather outlook I picked to go Tuesday because Monday seemed to be the warmer day. Needless to say luck just never is on my side and I ended going to the tennis on the hottest day so far of the Open in 37 degeer heat.

Anyway, so finding out how hot it really was going to be I made my way in early to grab a seat on VA so I could sit in the shade. Anyway I sat thought the days play on that court and saw some good matches including the upset of some hack beating the number 5 seed. After sitting there for 7 hours I decided it was best to wait out the remaining time before I could take my seat on RLA for the night session by walking around Melbourne Park, now this ended causing me so much pain I could hardly sit though the nights play. On the weekend I had cut 2 of my toes on my right foot open knocking them on my bed, so while they were no biggie, I hadn't wore shoes for over 3 weeks so wear them took a bit of getting use to. Anyway the pain from my toes was too much so I had to hobble around to relieve that pain only for the rest of my foot giving out. So much so I couldn't walk by the time I got home at 1am after 18 hours on my feet.

Anyway they have recoved enough. So I planned to spend today over in Williamstown with some of my family, however I have come down with the flu so that had to be cancelled, which disappointed me because it was going to be the first chance in over a year to see my 2 baby cousins. So I have spent today in bed watching TV.

Other than that I can tell you Rangers won overnight, Steve Waugh was named Australian of the Year and I start work for the year on Thursday.

Monday, January 19, 2004

David Hookes 


Furthermore to my post below David Hookes has indeed passed away. Sad day for Australian Cricket

David Hookes 

As I write Hookes is still on life support after being King Hit outside a St Kilda pub overnight. My thoughts go out to his family and friends and hope he pulls though.

Rangers in match win shocker 

Well after our form over the past few weeks its good to see us pull of a cup win a few weeks back and on Saturday we managed to knock off Motherwell with a Shota winner in the 83rd minute. Rangers are in shocking form of late and we can forget about the league, but we must focus on the cups and Old Firm matches to get something out of this season.

Villa lost to Aresnal 2-0 overnight

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Soccer Watch 

Well Rangers lost their 3rd Old Firm match in a row 3-0 and fall 11 points behind Celtic, so I guess all hope of the title is gone now. On a positive note we have signed Gavin Rae from Dundee.

Villa, got knocked out of the FA Cup to Man Utd on Sunday, but rebounded on Tuesday to beat Portsmouth in the league 2-1 to move up to 6th and most importantly above the Blue Scum Brum.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Stairway 13 Loyal 

Remembering the Brother and Sisters who never came home from Ibrox 

On January 2nd 1971 66 Rangers fans went to Ibrox to cheer on their heroes against Celtic. They never came home. I remember the 66 below and vow never to forget and always stand sure and follow follow and most of all be READY.


This is to the memory of all 66 who were killed and to the scars of the 145 injured

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year 

Well its 2004 and I can put behind my 21st year and hope like I hope every year that this year is better than the last (heck Swans win a premiership nothing would be able to top that year). 2003 was a pretty mixed up year for me, first of all I was stuck in a shithouse job for 2 months working nights which in turn burnt me out for my TAFE course, which in turn resulted in me dropping out for good with still half the 2 year course to re do after 2 and half years. But getting the sack was the best day of the first half of the year as it meant I could take a job offer up without needing to hand in notice and it enabled me to do something that gave me great job. Loaf around and go interstate and follow the Swans.

So while the first half of the year sucked for me, from about May (my birthday on the 8th in fact) my life improved. Not only did I manage to get money coming into my bank account, I also managed to get most of it in there most of the time which was a first. Also May brought me Rangers treble success (Thanks Celtic, while you made European Final, we ran off with all the cups and you won fuck all). Also around the same time the Swans season really started rolling along and ultmatily led to the great win in the finals against Port in Adelaide which I had the plesure of attending - THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE SO FAR.

Anyway, the year is over and I would like to thank the following people for their great efforts during the year to help improve the 2nd half of the year for me

JF - Mate, I don't know what I would do with out you. You have shown me another side of passion for the Swans that I never knew existed. Your help when in Sydney to keep me company was something you didn't have to do but its a credit to you that you did and for that I'm truelly thankful. The Port Final was something I enjoyed greatly and to see how much it meant to you proved to me that not only are you a great friend but also a great person.

Mum - Thank you for supporting my decision to drop out of TAFE without using your normal tactics of guilt. Also thanks for helping keep Dad clueless on this matter.

Hugo - Thanks for giving me my old job back 2 weeks after I knocked it back to keep up with the shit job I was doing, you didn't have and for that I'm thankful

To everyone - who help me out or gave me support, there are too many to name but credit were its due.

Well everyone have a great 2004 and hopefully I see you all soon

Monday, December 29, 2003

Top 10 Sporting performances of the Year 

Well its a few Days late, but anyway here is the first part, I'll post more over the next few day leading up to NYE.

10. Jana Pittman - World Championship Glory
Since the lead up to the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Pittman has been waiting in the wings to take over as Australia’s leading Olympic hopeful in Athletics from Cathy Freeman, which she finally took control of upon the retirement of Freeman during this year. Talked up as an Olympic Gold Medal hopeful since 2000, she was expected to battle it out of Gold at this year’s Paris World Championship until her main rival broke the World Record leading up to the meet. Come the race the hope was there but little was expected. Her rival got out to a huge lead, but slowly but surely Pittman cut away at the lead and just after the last jump overtook her to win the race and to become Australia’s latest World Champion.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas Everybody 

Merry Christmas to everyone, hopefully you all got what you wanted and have a nice and safe day getting shitfaced. I know I will.

Also as a Christmas bonus I will tomorrow post my Top 10 Sporting performances of the Year and trust me its a cracker.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Villa Watch 

Well we finally won away from home. We beat Blackburn 2-0 on Saturday at Elwood Park, and now we are only 3 points behind Birmingham City

Rangers Watch 

Well the bad patch has been stopped for now, and we finally won a game beating Hearts 2-1 at Ibrox on Saturday. In even better news Celtic lost to Hib on Thursday in the CIS Cup, so it looks like we'll have at least 1 cup to take from this season.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Here is a smart idea 

Gee I wonder why?

Aston Villa Watch 

No I haven't jumped ship after the poor week Rangers have had, but Aston Villa are my side in the English leagues and last night we beat Chelski 2-1 in the League Cup QF to move onto the Semis to play Bolton.

That was quick 

For some unknown reason I have managed to do all my Christmas shopping, stay within my budget and treat myself to 2 brand new computer games at the same time. I'm I a genius or what!!!!! Don't ask how I did it, but somehow, I didn't have any trouble figuring what to buy everyone.

Anyway, I got Dad a book on the Rolling Stones, that has lots of pictures. Mum got some deck chairs that she has been bugging me for since Christmas last year. For Luke I got him a DVD, uncle Chris gets a bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label and Nana gets some candles. So with a week to Christmas I'm done.

With $150 left over I made my way to the computer shop and brought Madden 2004 and NHL 2004. So the next week will be spent mastering these games.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Rangers Watch 

Ah bugger, Rangers lost 2-0 overnight away to Dunfermline, once again injuries are taking their toll at Ibrox and as things stand at the minute Rangers are 8 points behind Celtic. Not a good week at all. If you must read about the match click here

Some good news however on the transfer front, Boumsong has signed with Rangers pity he won't be at Ibrox until the summer.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Massive Sporting Update 

Most of my Major Sporting Interests are out of Season so here is how my teams are doing

Sydney Swans

We have restarted training for next season and so far, no major injuries to report which is a change. Magic and Ball should be at full fitness and thus be able to do full training in the New Year. Membership by the end of last week is at over 15,000, which is amazing considering we got 21,000 last season and that the Melbourne Membership has been on sale for just over a week. Good stuff.

Glasgow Rangers

The less the said about this week the better, knocked out of the Champions League on Matchday 5, on Matchday 6 needing only a draw to go on to at least the UEFA Cup, we lost 3-1 to some crappy Greek side - oh the shame. At least my week was improved by 2 events, Celtic got knocked out of the CL as well, but this time to a late penalty thanks to good old Bobo who though the best course of action was to handle the ball to get rid of it. Oh well always good to see O'Neill blow up like he did. The other good piece of good news is that Rangers look like we will be signing Boumsong on a Bosman at the end of the Season, great deal that.

Seattle Mariners

No real big free agent signing, just a few OK moves that don't inspire confidence. Though this could be changed later in the week - stay tuned.

Massive Update 

Well not much has gone on in my life, except for work, sleep, eating and cleaning up after my little Jack Russell puppy "Molly". Now most of you most likely wouldn't know that I'm now the proud owner of a pup, so I should tell you a few things about her. Besides being a Jack Russell and female, she is the cutest little thing you will ever set your eyes upon. I got her the day I got back from Sydney after the Swans Prelim Final lost, so after the drinking session and getting the pup - I had little time to mourn the Swans season being over.

Went and saw Scary Movie 3 on Thursday with David and Luke at Knox, now while I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, it was bloodly funny and in my view was better than the other 2 in particular the 2nd one. If you want to have a good laugh, go and see it.

Christmas is upon us and yet again that means the late rush to buy presents for the family. This year, like the ones before it, I promised myself I would get the tree up and the shopping done early. Just like the years before that idea has gone out the window. Anyway at least I have got buying for Dad out of the way and my Uncle that I have to buy for is easy - he only wants a bottle of Jack. While the Tree is no where near up, heck its still packed away from last year, the Lights are up outside. So go figure.

More planing has taken place re the trips interstate to watch the Swans for next year, a few weeks back I booked my fight to BrisVagas and this past Thursday I booked my hotels for the BrisVagas trip and the 2nd of my 2 trips to Sydney. Got good deals and at the same time I'm in 4-Star hotels so I'm happy.

Other than that I'm counting down the days until the end of my working year, which is this comming Friday. So I'm looking forward to the next 6 weeks off, until I have to go back. At least this year, I can rest in piece, as the family have decided that you can do what you want, I might go down to see Nana's grave with Mum just before the new year, other than that I just have to put in a showing at the Family BBQ on Christmas Day, which for the first time in my life isn't going to be spent with Dad's side of the family. Yep after 21 long years, Mum has told Dad that he must tell his Mum that we aren't going to her place for Xmas. So Nan is giving my Mum the Cold Shoulder at the minute.

Anyway that is all for now, Sporting Update coming up.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Australia Wins the Davis Cup 

Contrats to the team, hopefully I can join the Fanatics on a tour next year to cheer them on

Championship Manager 03/04 

As I posted below, I had ordered the latest update of the CM series, well it arrived here on Friday and I have spent time playing it since and it has met all my expectations so do yourself a favour and get it.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

AFL Draft Day 

Oh well the day has come and gone and the Swans filled one positon of need, but did nothing to fill another. I guess the clubs happy with the list and sees improvement in it, I however aren't so sure.

Anyway the picks were

16. Josh Willoughby (Glenelg) - inside midfielder
29. Tim Schmidt (West Adelaide) - inside midfielder
45. Amon Buchanan (Swans redrafted) - forward pocket
47. Andrew Ericsson (Sandringham Dragons) - ruckman
59. Matthew Davis (North Adelaide)- ??????????

All that is known of Davis is that he is from North Adelaide, 17 years of age and is 190cm tall, other than that no one in the football world knows a thing about him, including most of the North Adelaide fans. A real smokie if there ever was one.

Happy with Willoughby and Schmidt, as they were the inside midfielders the squad was crying out for. Good to see Buchanan redrafted, even though a little too early for my liking. Ericsson is a ruckman and will take a few years to delevop. Disappointed that we didn't go after Gayfer or Johnson who didn't even get drafted. Oh well, bring on the rookie Draft

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Michael Jackson Jokes 

Well he is the man of the hour and already the jokes are coming in, so if you have any post them.

Knock Knock
Who's there??
Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Blue Who???
Michael Jackson

During the search of Michael Jackson house the cops found the following:

They found Class A Drugs in the Kitchen
They found Class B Drugs in the Bathroom
and they found Class 5C in the Bedroom

Q: How do you know its bedtime at Michael Jackson's house???
A: When the big hand touches the little hand

I know, I know - poor but highly amusing

Rugby World Cup Final 

Well the thing is finally over, and Australia Lost to England in Extra Time 20-17

Oh well, I guess it was a great game to watch, but hell, know we'll have the cocky English rub it in as much as they can. Being Scottish the result also pisses me off as just wait until they come to Murrayfield, those cocky shits. Oh well at least we know that, know their retirements will kick in and in 4 years time they haven't got a hope in hell.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Championship Manager 03/04 

Well I have finally pre-ordered my copy of CM 03/04 and at the same time have got the next issue of CM Magazine. So that will keep me busy over the summer months. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, Championship Manager is the best Soccer Sim on the market and the one the rest try and copy. Having got my first edition of CM 5 years ago, I have been hooked since. The last edition was the CM4, which changed over from the CM3 game engine. It however was a let down because they released it too early and it had to many bugs in it, plus it was easy to win matches, like I could get the current Leeds squad to win the Champions League within 1 season. However things are improved this time around otherwise I'll go back to the CM3 editions I have and play them.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

I'm Off 

Well the planning of trips interstate to watch the Swans next year has started, with me booking the 1st 2 of my 4 trips interstate. I have booked so far to trips to Sydney to watch the Melbourne and Richmond matches for $78 each - thankyou Virgin Blue.

Also as the Richmond match is the day after my 22nd birthday, I'm going to have a nice old piss up.

Monday, October 27, 2003

Yankees lose World Series to Marlins 

You little ripper, those Yankee got the living daylight beaten out of them. The Marlins on the back of great pitching from Serie MVP Josh Beckett won Game 6 at Yankee Stadium 2-0 to win the Series 4-2.

Rugby World Cup 

I went to the England vs Samoa match at Telstra Dome last night and what a match it was with Samoa pushing England all the way to a 35-22 England win. The place was full of Englishmen and when they got into "Swing Low" it sounded great. I was happy to see a good match and I think yesterdays matches were what the Cup needed after a fair few blow outs.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Australia Beats Ireland in the IR Series Match 

Good to see Barry Hall play well and my how the Irish were scared of him. Still knowing most Irish people they are scared of anything. Good to see the Green Scum lose at anything. I think I'll have to make an appearance, next week at the 2nd Leg.

Freddy vs Jason 

Went and saw this movie last night again with Dave and friends, having not seen many of the movies on these 2 and hearing alot of bad reviews, I went in with an open mind. Overall it was a crap story line and it wasn't really that good, but in terms of blood and violence, I would give it 3/5. I wouldn't suggest this movie to anyone but fans of Freddy and Jason. Still watching the trailers, there are a few interesting movies coming up.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Rangers lose "Battle of Britain" 

We lost 1-0 to Man Utd this morning, thanks to a soft goal after only 5 minutes. Man Utd managed to hold us out for the next 85 minutes as Rangers lack of a real goalscoring striker showed. We drop to 3rd in our Champions League group. Still I was proud of how we played, but yet again we come up short in European competition

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Rugby World Cup 

To cap off a busy end to the week I went to see New Zealand vs Canada at Telstra Dome. Can't say the match was any good, but I enjoy myself. Its hard to ready yourself for a match you have no personal interest in and know the result is going to be more like a Cricket score but anyway I went, I saw and I went home.

The Sheep-shaggers won 68-6

Kill Bill Vol 1 

Went and saw the Movie on Thursday Night with my best friend from school - David (the grand master of everything) and a few of his Uni mates. Very Good movie and plenty of fake blood everywhere, plus a few limbs laying around. I would give it 5 out of 5 and I can't wait until Vol 2.

Bloody Yankees 

They won Game 7 of the ALCS over the luckless Red Sox in 11 Innings 6-5 thanks to a walk off Home Run from Aaron Boone and will now play the Marlins in the World Series. Is there no God????

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